Computers – can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without them…..

Dear RRR
The reason why you haven”t heard from me for a week is because I couldn’t send to my RRR mailing list from my webmail or gmail accounts. And I have spent hours trying unsuccessfully to import my Eudora address book into the Outlook WebApp. I’ll try again at home using XP instead of Windows 7…
But I THOUGHT I sent the “chicken” joke successfully from my new Eudora (OSE), so here’s trying – didn’t work.
Eventually the thinking cap showed me that I can send from my gmail a/c to my RRR group…
David thinks I’m addicted to the Internet/email.
Given the fact that during my treatments there were long periods when I didn’t touch the computer or deal with email because I just couldn’t face it, I think my wanting to tackle email issues is an excellent sign!


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