Cupped and massaged!

Day 5 in Bulgaria. Have just had my third spa treatment – half an hour of cupping with massage on my back. Wow! Tomorrow I have deep facial cleansing at 15:00, and then at 18:30 I will experience “spa-capsule body wrapping with seaweed, washed off with a Vichy shower”. The spa capsule is a device somewhat reminiscent of where they do an MRI, but the head is completely out of the installation – and I’m sure the noise level is completely different!

Correction: The sound level was quite high. First I had exfoliation followed by a shower (quiet). Then to the treatment room next door.

There I climb into the capsule. And am anointed with seaweed mud. Then the capsule is closed, covering me from toes to neck. A towel is clipped on to the capsule in order to

I lie there

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